Retirement Income Security;
How do I do this?

It begins with your Retirement Income Forecast.
Our unique process will reveal how to achieve income security.

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How much income will I need throughout retirement?

Our process is based upon:

  • What you need to spend (“Foundation Income”).
  • What you want to spend (“Discretionary Income”)

You tell us your:

  • Expenses needed to maintain your basic lifestyle.
  • Expenses desired for fun, family, and travel.

We add inflation estimates and forecast your Foundation Income Goal and Total Income Goal for 25 years.

How much income will I get from Social Security?

You tell us your “secure income sources” such as:

  • Social Security benefits (we can help you with this).
  • Pensions, if any.
  • Other secure sources, if any, such as:
    • Rental property income
    • Business income
    • Part-time work

We forecast your “Secure Income Sources,” including Cost of Living Increases, for 25 years.

What are my “income gaps” in retirement?

“Income Gaps” are where you spend your retirement savings. Our process shows you your:

  • Foundation Income Gap: Any shortfall in the income that you must have to maintain your basic needs.
  • Total Income Gap: Any shortfall in your total retirement income goal, including desired spending.

We project your income gaps by comparing your spending needs and desires to your Secure Income Sources.

How do I allocate my savings to ensure I always have income?

Revealing your income gaps helps you to:

  • See if you need more secure income.
  • See how much risk – if any – that you need to take.
  • Achieve the right balance – for you – between risk-based income sources and secure income sources.

Our process provides a solid, math-based approach to making these critical asset allocation decisions.

"Longevity and Mortality credits of annuities make them unbeatable sources of income for retirees"




Your IFL Agent

Fred Saide, Ph.D., NSSA

Phone: 908-791-3831 ext. 1
Email: freds(at)

I have developed a specialized planning practice to help people nearing and in retirement make educated and well-reasoned decisions about how to use Social Security, pensions and assets to meet retirement income needs and achieve their retirement goals. We use advanced planning tools and strategies to evaluate each decision and determine what impact each decision has on other decisions and on your overall ability to achieve your retirement goals. We then create a customized retirement road map with specific recommendations unique to each client. 

I am committed to helping our clients gain clarity and confidence in their retirement decisions.

Fred has advanced degrees from Duke University, and professional certifications from the American College, Purdue University, and Boston College. He works with both pre and post retirees. He also is a former syndicated columnist for Gannett media and is a college Adjunct professor. He is a published author.

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